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End of partnership between EA and FIFA should not affect FIFA Online 4

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Korean publisher Nexon does not expect the end of the Electronic Arts and FIFA partnership to have any impact on FIFA Online 4.

FIFA Online 4 will be a free-to-play, or free-to-play PC game , which is a title primarily aimed at Asian markets published by Nexon, as well as the mobile game, released in 2018. It is an offshoot from EA’s FIFA series of games.

A spokesperson for Nexon gave a statement to : “We do not expect any changes to the game itself. Nexon’s deal is with EA so all players, stadiums and resources will still be in the game.”

This answer about FIFA Online 4 comes shortly after EA confirmed the end of the partnership with FIFA , the highest football entity, for the use of the brand for the famous football games, a partnership that lasted almost 30 years. EA will rename its soccer game series to EA Sports FC, with the partnership ending at the end of the year following the release of FIFA 23.

Nexon recently announced its financial results for the first quarter of the year, where it achieved record earnings for both FIFA Online 4 and the mobile version of the game. In addition, Nexon expects significant year-over-year growth for PC gaming and further growth in the next quarter.

Rumors about the end of the partnership had been circulating for a long time and it was not a surprise when EA Sports announced that it would change the name of the famous football game to EA Sports FC. The company was looking for greater creative freedom, and FIFA would be looking for a contract that would guarantee $1 billion every four years for EA to continue using the FIFA name in its games .