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Bad news about the development of Beyond Good and Evil 2: here’s when it could come out

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Latest development rumors Beyond Good and Evil 2 they probably won’t surprise the most attentive fans, but still they could cause considerable disappointment among the players who hoped 5 years after disclosurefor further news on the ambitious new chapter soon.

New game from the publisher Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (which you will find in Fast Shipping on Amazon) actually had a clearly problematic development, has been going on for 15 years and that even though it may have started to find the right balance, it will still take a long time to optimize it.

Just a few days ago, we broke the news that 5 years after the official announcement, Beyond Good and Evil 2 he finally found his lead writer: a clear signal of how so far everything went wrong.

According to a new report from insider Tom Henderson on eXputerhowever, it would seem it will take at least a couple more years before the title’s production could be close to completion.

Henderson claims to have received, from anonymous sources, a capture of Ubisoft’s latest production with new screenshots and a video that would show the game.far more incomplete than what was revealed in 2018Which suggests that production could be restarted from scratch.

Sources heard by the insider claim that the game “he has no direction“Very clear and it will take years and one in particular claims to be”I have no idea what he did»During play testing.

Henderson concludes his report by arguing that the release date may be delayed. until at least 2024: Reminding you to take every precaution while waiting for official releases, it seems like fans who have been waiting for years might need a little more patience.

In any case, in his analysis he also confirmed what he said just a few days ago: testing phases have begun and the game is definitely alive. So enthusiasts can start fresh with To cross fingers.

Ubisoft itself has been anticipating news in recent months, confirming that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is “one of the most ambitious projectsCompanies.