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Fall Guys Xbox Series S Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See Today (But There’s Bad News)

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Xbox Series S turned out to be a console whose design can optimally adapt not only to next-generation games, but also to many collaborations with the most popular video game brands and more.

autumn boys actually announced that he had started new collaboration with Microsoft Home Console (which you can buy with promotions on Amazon), making one special limited edition what can you give to your fans.

The console and corresponding controller have been completely redesigned, becoming extremely colorful and reminiscent of the look and feel of one of the iconic protagonists of a mini-game battle royale: though it’s not impressive. like the one dedicated to Shredder delle ninja turtlesdefinitely looks like a specific version original and crazy.

This special Xbox Series S will be gifted to a lucky fan in the US or Europe, with a few exceptions that unfortunately won’t make our readers happy: among the few countries excluded from the competition is Italy.

This means that, unfortunately, Italian fans will not be able to take part in this nice initiative to try and take home the Xbox Series S from autumn boys: we do not know why Italy was also excluded, but we point out that among the countries that will not be able to participate, there are also Portugal, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Either way, the next generation console will see its iconic “a circle»Repainted white, from which emerge eyes one of the cute Fall Guys, with a painted body of a living pink with blue accents.

Instead, the controller has a bright color light blue with pink and gold accents: also the reference to the legendary could not be missing in both cases crown be conquered in the game.

The draw was organized celebrate an anniversary autumn boys: It’s a pity that Italian fans can’t join the initiative, but that doesn’t stop them from admiring this strange collaboration.

Although the Xbox Series S is a less powerful console than the Series X, it has seen great success and growing interest from the public, not only because of its wide availability in major markets, but also because of its performance, which soon they might even get better and more powerful.

Even its lighter and more compact design has won the hearts of users to the point where many have decided turn it into a console”portable» Thanks to a very interesting monitor.