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Hideo Kojima did announce a podcast at Gamescom, and he’s not the only one.

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Hideo Kojima was more or less expected Igamer 2022between rumors and rumours, but of course we couldn’t think that the “great announcement” was podcast.

Author death threadwhat found on amazonof course, he is working on many projects, but we still know little about him.

One of them was announced last summeran exclusive Xbox project that will use the cloud like never before.

The rest we hoped may be announced at Gamescom 2022or at least we thought so given the rumors and what is hinted at designer.

Instead of Hideo Kojima again surprised us all because from the stage of Opening Night Live he presented the arrival of a new podcast exclusively on Spotify.

It’s called “The Structure of the Brain” and the topic will be “The Genius Behind Kojima’s Ideas and Creative Thinking”according to official data.

As you know Hideo Kojima is an omnivore pop culture between video games (obviously), art, books and films above all, all of them items that he will not miss in his program.

The first issue of Brain Structure will be released on September 8, and subsequent ones will be released every Thursday at 14:00 both in Japanese and English.

But to our great surprise, he’s not the only game designer who’s been exposed lately their ideas and their experience.

With a less loud but no less important announcement, Masahiro Sakurai introduced her new series video on youtube dedicated to game design:

After a lot of work on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, patron of the Nintendo fighting game series will oversee a channel dedicated to the distribution: Masahiro Sakurai on making games.

Sakurai describes his opinion of the channel in the introductory video, saying that he wishes create “small” videos on various video game design topics.

Good time for those who want to learn more about behind the scenes of the video game world. I hope the podcast doesn’t take long. Death Thread 2always if it exists.