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Meanwhile, Xbox came up with a controller that sings

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Microsoft he never skimped on the imagination of his controllers. It is enough that the users themselves can prove it. create your dream controller optional with Xbox Design Lab and send home.

But not only that: we’ve seen special versions of his consoles – with controllers attached – dedicated to the weirdest things, paying homage to movies that have just hit theaters. to furry controllers dedicated Sonic.

However, this time it was the turn the first Xbox controller capable of singing.

The creature comes directly from Microsoft, which decided to celebrate the launch of “Bad Decisions” signed by Benny Blanco, BTS and Snoop Dogg by creating a controller that relates directly to the song. So the livery is in harmony with the color and logo of the music release, and the names of the artists are engraved on the front side.

However, the rear is even more intriguing: here we find speaker who will serve make bad decisions sing to our controller. By pressing one of the buttons, in fact, the last one will start playing the song.

That was done something similar some time agobut always not for sale, when I received from Xbox a controller designed for women who work with video games and demand equality, and which, by pressing the B button, delivered some sentences from some of the most personable in the industry.

Note the large speaker on the back.

How do you imagine the controller is usually not for sale, but this is a unique edition that can be won. To participate in the competition, you must be over 18 years oldhowever, there are no restrictions related to living in Italy (even if you cannot have relatives working at Microsoft and your Twitter profile must be public).

Therefore, to participate, you must subscribe to the official account Xbox on Twitter and retweet the message you find in our news, including the hashtag #BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes. From now on you just need hope for good luck.

If interested, search online. full regulation.