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Pac-Man World Re-Pac | Review

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Just a few months ago we reviewed in these pages Pacman Museum +, another collection dedicated to the historical names of the yellow ball; in this case, we complained that Bandai Namco continues to ignore the part of Pac-Man’s history, the one in three dimensions, when the historical mascot was trying to find a new identity in an incredibly different video game landscape from the one in which it was. Was born.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac

Release date:
August 26, 2022
Now Production
Bandai Namco

Obviously, we didn’t know what Bandai Namco would announce shortly after. Pac-Man World Re-Pacremake of the first episode of the trilogy pacman world outgoing prefix 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch As well as PC.

Developed by Now Production, this remake aims to polish the classic released on the first PlayStation to bring it to a new generation of gamers, as the game hasn’t been released in other forms again (if we rule out its appearance on the PlayStation Store at the time of the PlayStation 3 ).

Will the game hold the weight of years? Let’s find out together.

Birthday ruined

Story Pac-Man World Re-Pac (Only Repack from now on) is very simple. Preparing for Pac-Man’s 20th birthday (actually, when the original game came out in 1999, that milestone was approaching, given that the mascot was born in 1980), but the evil Tokman has a plan to mess things up.

With the help of his henchmen, the ghosts who have always haunted Pac-Man, Tok-Man manages to kidnap all the members of Pac-Man’s family. Then our hero has to go on an adventure to save his family and then return to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones (if you want too, you can restore some of the collections of historical titles available on Amazon).

The story largely matches what was in the original; only a few details in the cut-scenes have been changed (for example, the way family members are kidnapped), but the rest has not changed.

Obviously, the plot is nothing more than an excuse to send Pac-Man on an adventure; However, we take this opportunity to note that all characters have name and design changed than the original title. This is due not only to the stylistic changes that have occurred with the series from 1999 to the present.

In fact, for some time now, Bandai Namco has started removing all references to Miss Pac-Man from their games, replacing her with Pac-Mom, a completely new character.

Bandai Namco has never officially ruled on this, but some reconstructions indicate that the reason for the replacement lies in the difficult legal situation with the rights of the character.

Toc-Man has other plans for Pac-Man’s birthday party.

Strangely, however, the other characters present were also replaced by others: only the main character Pac-Man and the Professor remained the same.

Obviously, this is a minor detail, but it was worth pointing out this curiosity.

Back to the game, this remake is almost exclusively a graphical overhaul with a few tweaks in terms of gameplay (as we’ll see). Therefore, the efforts of the developers were focused on the technical side, and the result is visible.

The game has been rebuilt from scratch, and now its colors vibrate brighter than ever. While respecting the original art direction, Re-Pac manages to give new life to the classical historian. Our test took place on the PlayStation 5: of course, thanks to the rather closed nature of the levels, we didn’t notice any blemishes, and we’re sure it will be the same in all other versions.

But the soundtrack feels more contrasting. On the one hand, behind good original soundtrack, made from catchy melodies that will lead level after level; on the other hand, however, the sound quality is not always excellent, and at some levels it almost feels like the songs have not been remastered to restore the original sound quality.

We will have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to save the Pacman family.

Pac-Man conquers three dimensions

As we have already mentioned, this Repack it’s a remake that slavishly follows the original title; no changes were made to the gameplay, let alone structural changes. So the game is in every way (or almost) identical to the 1999 title.

Basically, it’s a 3D platformer, the first ever Pac-Man. Structurally, it is more like Crash Bandicootin the sense that it simply goes from point A to point B on a linear level, picking up items along the way.

The structure of the game is, frankly, closer to a 2D platformer; actually most of the time we will be playing two-dimensional situationsand depth will only be used occasionally in levels.

Compared to their historical titles, Pac-Man clearly has new moves: Can jump, can perform a bounce that can help him reach higher points, and can use a run to throw himself while rolling on the ramps located in the levels. Of course, these moves can also be used to defeat the handful of enemies present in each level.

As a rule, the levels are quite simple. It is, as we said, a movement from beginning to end, but there are several moments in which we will be called to explore the environment more deeply. In fact, every level has several collectibles.

The first is definitely fruits: we will find them scattered throughout the level, often inside chests to be smashed. They will contribute to our score at the end of the level, but will also serve to unlock some of the cells scattered throughout the levels. In these cells, we can find other fruits, switches or bonus levels in the form of labyrinths.

Finding these mazes will immediately take us to them, and it will be like playing the classic Pac-Man, only with a 3D maze visually inspired by the world we are in. It’s a nice way to break up the platforming rhythm that we liked in the original and appreciate here.

We will find several homages to the origin of the character.

Scattered throughout the level, we will also find several letters that, once collected, will form the name Pac-Man and give us access to bonus level once the main level is finished. This is a way to boost your score even further at the end of a level thanks to the many fruits present in these bonus sections.

The rest of the levels are pretty linear. There are enemies to be defeated, but they will never require much effort; there are also some basic environmental puzzles, so we’ll have to figure out how to get to a certain point in the level (usually where the collectible is hidden).

Each world consists of three levels, after which we can go to the next world through the main hub. Obviously not before defeating the classic doomsday boss.

boss fight are probably one of the most successful aspects of the original title. While none of them remain particularly impressed, they all manage to entertain and create the right sense of challenge that shouldn’t be taken for granted on a ’90s platform.

Each world has its own aesthetic and will bring with it new enemies and new obstacles; however, no new game mechanics are ever introduced, and the game remains largely unchanged for the six hours it takes to play through.

Although not a particularly difficult game, the more advanced levels Repack they can still be a problem, especially for younger players. It is for this reason that a easy modewhich will give beginners a variety of aids (e.g. longer floating in the air and less life for bosses).

And we are already drawing conclusions for this. Pac-Man World Re-Pac. This is a 3D platform game from the 90s. very simple, without claiming to be such a cornerstone; if you manage to go beyond that simplicity, you’ll find a colorful and fun platformer capable of entertaining veterans and little ones alike.

This remake does not change the cards on the tablebut it does update the game graphically, providing an incredibly improved version of the original, with some fixes for minor flaws in the controls present there.

Considering that the original game has been unavailable for a very long time and that releases of this genre are rare nowadays, we would like to recommend this Pac-Man World Re-Pac to all fans (so run and make it yours). on Amazon).

We hope that Bandai Namco will continue on this path with a remake of second chapter, perhaps the best of the entire trilogy, where the potential of 3D was really used. As for Pac-Man World 3 and Pac-Man World Rally (yes, that happened too), let’s just say we wouldn’t have missed them.

Reviewed Version: PS5