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PS5 gamers don’t love the console as much as Sony hoped

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This generation of consoles started unexpectedly given that PS5 (and other consoles) were affected the infamous inventory crisis.

latest generation Game console always been unattainable, or almost, even on shops and platforms well stocked like Amazon.

Many times Sony announced solutionsor at least trying to make the PS5 more accessible and put an end to the now tedious supply problem.

Currently it doesn’t look like things might get better soonalthough Sony is keen to find a way ship as many PS5s as possible, especially during the New Year holidays.

Recently, Sony shares data about the activities of the company and, among many analyses, it turned out that the players they use PlayStation consoles less than expected.

Is PS5 and PS4 are being used less than Sony expectedaccording to the information provided PlayStation Lifestyle.

Players do not really like to the consoles especially on ps5probably due to lack of stock which greatly influenced the general excitement.

The company hoped that PS Plus updated may increase the amount of time spent on consoles, but it seems that the investment has not yet brought the expected results.

The new PS Plus increased the number of subscribers by a million in the last quarter, but game time decreased by 15% year after year.

Sony also believes that over the past few years unusually large number of players due to global lockdowns due to Covid-19.

In this case, the profit is even lower by 37% last year despite PS5 hits 22 million units sold recently.

Between future proposalsperhaps to encourage purchase, the PlayStation also puts a lot of emphasis on new generation of virtual reality of which recently showed something new.

It just seems Chi PlayStation VR 2 it will be a clear leap from the past, e if the best games really come will really be present on this platform excellent equipment.