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PS5 prepares to welcome update 6.0 (and the date will be very close)

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It would seem that by this time everything is ready.PS5 Firmware Update 6.00the highly anticipated new version of the next generation console, ready to deliver some of the most anticipated news from Sony fans.

Happy owners of PlayStation 5 (you can askan invitation to buy it on Amazon), so there may be a new patch coming soon, which a reliable insider says could definitely arrive ahead of schedule.

We remind you that firmware 6.00 is already available in beta since last July, promising to support the resolution 1440pespecially ideal for those who prefer to play with the monitor while being able to care for it custom game lists in your library.

According to Tom Henderson’s report on eXputer (The outside PlayStation Lifestyle), firmware 6.00 will be on the way from Thursday 8 September: This would mean the new update would be available in just over a week.

The insider also revealed that Sony will also set the stage forupdate 7.00which should ensure full integration Discord on PlayStation consoles, already formalized an important partnership.

Henderson reports that the expected date for this further update will be changed toMarch 8, 2023: It’s unclear what other innovations will be integrated, but an insider warns that there could also be sudden delays in this regard.

We remind you that Sony has already announced in advance what news should appear for the full version of firmware 6.0: you can read them in detail on official blog.

At this point, we don’t know for sure if September 8th will be the right day to upload the new patch, so we encourage readers to stay tuned. with due precautionsin the absence of further announcements or official news.

However, software updates aren’t the only news for the next generation console: they’ve already made their way to the Australian market. New PS5 hardware models are on salelighter than previous versions and day one variants.

Besides, just in the last few hours PlayStation Studios has officially finalized its new acquisitionalready working on a new fat triple A – but not on PS5.