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The Last of Us – Part 1 | Review – Origins of Myth

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The Last of Us – Part 1 it was a work of great importance, not only for the historical period in which it appeared, but for the entire reference environment: it was above all a milestone, without which we would never have what we defined – and we repeat this emphatically and decisively . without remorse – the manifesto of a whole generation.

The Last of Us – Part 1

action adventure
Release date:
September 2, 2022
playful puppy
Sony Interactive Entertainment

It was a breakthrough, a watershed, a milestone in a round that, between the technical evolution, the storytelling, the importance of the topics covered, and the scale, has been unmatched over the years. It wasn’t until Chapter 2 that we really saw how a software company manages to overcome itself, raising the bar with authority and the creation of stellar distances between peaks reached and everything that may not reach the top in a few years.

The Last of Us – Part 1 nevertheless, it is an operation that has sparked discussion from the very beginning and it did not immediately win the favor of all the fans. And mind you, this is only and exclusively about the idea of ​​re-proposing a game that has already had the opportunity to present itself in a new light, certainly not of the unique value that the founder of the saga continues to have. Today.

The Last of Us – Part 1 and the power of modernity

Let’s get out of the catalogs and labels easily and free ourselves from terms like remastered and remake for a moment, trying to really understand what it is. The Last of Us – Part 1 (if you want, you can buy it directly on Amazon).

We start from the irrefutable fact that the work is the same as before, and that it does not distort anything, therefore those who have already enjoyed the first revival of the game on PS4 or even the first version on PS3 should think carefully before diving into this re-release..

However, it’s fair to say that Naughty Dog has gone beyond the narrow concept of a simple graphical upgrade.

The risk that this could be so was high, because behind the operation is primarily the desire of Sony to enter the market a little earlier than the seriespotential driving force for new sales even for newbies who want to learn more after watching.

In addition, the landing policy also on PC expands the reach and at the same time makes it more attractive. The Last of Us – Part 1now more in step with the times.

Those who want Chapters 1 and 2 together will now be able to see that wish come true on PS5, along with the certainty that (with all the limitations of the case) The Last of Us – Part 1 now he has, finally, a more obvious affinity for his followers. You will notice this not only when you realize the technical brilliance of the game, which uses the power of the new Naughty Dog engine, but, above all, the tablet in hand.

The developers spoke the truth when they claimed that this is not just a new gunpowder, and you will understand this as soon as you see it. you will see integrated some of the outstanding features The Last of Us – Part 2.

On the run from the world in full drift.

But let’s be clear and not offended by the words: the second chapter still excels in everything and it was inevitably impossible to provide users with the same experience in terms of gameplay, gunplay, fluidity, complexity of behavioral routines and all that maniacal attention to detail that is almost terrifying just thinking about it.

But now through the options provided there is a way to reach new depthwhich used to be harder to recreate due to game systems that look a bit rusty today.

We mean, in particular, the possibility of shaping your game very much like the second chapter. So here it is absorbed a different degree of aggression of enemies, up to the difficulty parameter called “realism”or variants involving more or less reactive allies who are likely to intervene more often or remain more stealthy.

The same goes for the amount of resources available in the environment, which naturally has a significant impact on the careful management of ammo, health packs, and whatever else is needed to survive in this world that is now completely drifting.

What changed?

In any case, some remarks should be made onI enemy and ally. What are we used to The Last of Us – Part 2 it is so thought out, complex and high-level that compared to behavioral routines The Last of Us – Part 1notoriously very brilliant, seem to be less effective even at the highest difficulty setting.

Let’s clarify, in order to avoid doubts, that you will always be hunted for the fact that there is one a clear tendency for enemies to bypass you and take you by surpriseoften operating in stealth with large shots and surprise attacks from behind.

However, the feeling of being literally suffocated during the combat phases, struggling to find the best way to defend, hide and quickly escape is the only prerogative The Last of the USA – Part 2, despite the fact that all implementations had weight The Last of Us – Part 1.

This should tell you that yes, some routines have been made more difficult and average response times have increased significantly, but overall there are palpable distances.

One of the great work on accessibility options.

Moreover – and here we can be even more critical – the most annoying flaw that the first game has had since its first publication has not changed much: allies moving through battle theaters remain invisible to enemiesthereby weakening the sense of trust associated with protection and the partner figure itself.

The Last of Us – Part 1, in various situations he tries to hide this weakness a little, with an ally on duty who avoids the gaze of his opponents as much as possible and is more careful and quick in his movements. But when he is a little in the middle, lingering in the direction of the turn, the flaw shows up in all its trouble.

In addition to what has been said, it must be admitted that The Last of Us – Part 1 (if interested, you can find on Amazon) is actually one notable revision and capable of adding value to an original work that comes out modernized despite the limitations imposed by the weight of age.

Not only caring about character models, their expressiveness and more detail in a great game environment they bring a new light to the sessions and to the dramatic footage of the gameplay.but every technical aspect has benefited from more modern updates.

Even some of the schematic elements of the control system, such as moving stairs or boxes, have become softer and less clumsy than in the past, and the same goes for some movements that now feel less clumsy.

Although there Full support for DualSense and Pulse 3Dwhich provide an important degree of immersion, you will never really feel the same “weight” of a weapon’s caliber and (even so) will not reach the manic levels of dismemberment and shock reactions seen in The Last of Us – Part 2.

Also important are additions related to availabilitythat appear for those who have already seen below. In this sense, Naughty Dog is simply unapproachable and proves that it has done a luxurious job, full of openness to everyone.

The same can be said about the revision, which is not just a graphical update, but turns out to be the best thing that could be done with the base material. We understand full price claims from The Last of Us – Part 1and we fully support because we believe that only new games should be sold at full price, and not even adapted for a new console (especially after being used on PS4).

However, we also understand the capital importance of this kind of work which, barring justified chatter about commercial exploitation or minor unresolved spots, in fact, it remains a must-have title for every true video game lover and enthusiast.; and also for all those who really want to fully understand how it happened The Last of Us – Part 2 and what power carries the original design.

The Last of Us – Part 1 it’s a harrowing journey into a world hopelessly lost and devoured from the insidewhere every form of humanity has given way to the most instinctive and deplorable bestiality, where character stories with chiaroscuro highlight themes treated in an incomparable way.

And everyone at least once deserves to embark on this path, which will leave an indelible mark on him, as he left forever in the reference environment.