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Will Xbox Game Pass see an upcoming soulslick appear? Someone is sure

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As you already know too well Xbox Game Pass continues to offer a large number free games for all subscribers to House of Redmond services.

Game Pass catalog (find a subscription with a great discount on the Amazon) definitely lives up to expectations, month after month.

If the list all free games currently confirmed for 2023 on Xbox Game Pass doesn’t seem to want to stop, it’s true that i news keeps coming upcoming receiptssome of which are really heavy.

In fact, after confirming that is also Kojima’s masterpiece coming soon to PC Game Pass catalogthis is a very interesting indiscretion associated with upcoming soullike.

As also reported PC Games NA new tweet from The Snitch leader suggests that Lie Pthe game Pinocchio in the spirit of Dark Souls, may also appear in Game Pass.

The insider in question has established himself as a very reliable source for news about upcoming games over the past months, often leaking confirmations beforehand.

The latest teaser is a video that shows a simple green screen with white lights and sounds pulsing with a message. Morse code.

The message says: “You will find your way»: The phrase could have been a lyric from the Kanye ‘Ye’ West song. The story of Pinocchio“, leading fans to speculate that the message in question is related to news about the game. Lie Pwhich will appear in Igamer 2022, and the demonstration is scheduled for the period from 24 to 28 August. We will keep you updated as soon as confirmation arrives.

Continuing the theme, they were available for a few days. over 10 new free games as part of the Xbox Game Pass on the occasion of QuakeCon.

But not only that, the stunning 2D platform will also be available on Xbox Game Pass soon. launch expected in spring 2023.

Finally, you also read that the Saudi Arabian Antitrust Authority has approved the acquisition of Xbox and Activision Blizzard. since this is the first important good?