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Xbox, many achievements are missing, but there is a reason

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Xbox and Achievements is a combination that made video game historyintroducing systems of goals within the same ones that everyone later inherited.

Dynamic is of course back in the latest generation of consoles (how Xbox Series S what found on amazon) to please collectors.

which is included in numerous updates what Microsoft put inside the consolemonth after month.

Achievement that over time became more and more be collected also thanks to the numerous games inside Xbox Game Passwhose directory is growing dramatically.

For this fans Xbox they enjoy collecting achievement in this generation of consoles, at least up to mysteriously disappear.

As reported Windows CenterXbox players reported the disappearance of much desired goals.

Many users are reporting that a significant number of their unlocked achievements have disappeared. no longer visible on your Xbox profile.

In particular, progress has been made in they don’t show up on consoleson the Xbox mobile app, the Xbox for PC app, or

Obviously the lenses are not physically removable, but they are just invisible on said platforms for some players and in some cases.

According to early investigations based on reports, it seems that the achievements are phantom. only applies to Xbox 360 games.

Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the problem yet publicly and did not provide specific details about what is causing the error. At the moment there is not even a date by which it will be made. correction.

it error definitely like what’s been going on lately pissed off the players Diablo the Immortala title that had its doses of tension.

In addition to being fun to collect, Achievements are useful in unexpected ways sometimes. Recently, for example, they served to clarify supposed existence of a new goldeneye 007.