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this is what happens after 7000 hours in a row

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One of the things that worries fans the most is that it even discouraged some users from buying OLED switch is a potential problem write ina defect that is more common in the latest generation displays.

Nintendo itself has always claimed to be aware of the issue, even suggesting option in settings to reduce the chance of this happening on the latest models of his hybrid console (look for the special edition topic Platoon 3 on Amazon).

This, however, did not dispel the fears of users who are afraid that the display of the game can be spoiled by annoying halos: fortunately, the YouTuber has already managed to demonstrate how fans do not nothing to be afraid ofby conducting an experiment that OLED switch will stay on for 3600 consecutive hours on the same game screen.

Content Creator Wulf Den however, he decided not to interrupt the rehearsal and go to the end, revealing to the fans that what happens after 7000 hours of continuous use of Switch OLED (The outside GoNintendo).

After exiting the console to the same game screen as The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild at a time corresponding to about 9 and a half months use, the youtuber admits that it is only now that the console has begun to show the first signs of failure, but definitely modest than you could imagine.

As you can see in the dedicated video we’ll cover below, the Switch OLED has just started showing some halos due to burn-in you may notice only in particularly bright or dark scenes games:

However, Wullf Den noted that the game screen never moved during the test, being real. stress test to push the display to its limits: the fact that the effects are so easy, and only after so much timetherefore represents excellent news even for the most active fans.

In fact, it is extremely unlikely that the player will actually stay on the same screen for 7000 hours without any operationA: So it seems like Nintendo has done a really good job with the Switch’s OLED displays, and burn-in really isn’t anything to be afraid of.

In any case, if you are still worried that such an opportunity may arise, on our pages you can find some helpful tips for preventing console burn-in.

Meanwhile, the house of Kyoto has released a new “invisible” update for all Nintendo Switch consoles, requiring no user intervention. and it didn’t change anything.