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Xbox-Activision deal could destroy PlayStation, regulator intervenes

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The deal he saw Xbox acquires Activision-Blizzard inevitably entered the history of video games, and this in the center of attention.

A maneuver that will lead to the interior Xbox Game Pass (to whom you can also subscribe to amazon) all video games from Activision and Blizzard, including very important franchises.

The purchase, which was immediately in danger because in the center of the righteous regulatory oversight all over the world.

Some of which they have already given their consent to the maneuver months since the announcement acquisitions to date.

Among them there are british regulatorwho expressed some concern about the outcome of the maneuver.

The theme is monopoly it is obvious that Microsoft might have had an overly limitless catalog of games that it could “greatly weaken” the PlayStation.

As reported VGKUK Competition and Markets Authority (SMA) expressed concern about the deal, especially its impact on Sony’s ability to compete.

According to the CMA, launch of Sony’s next console may be highly dependent on the deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard:

“CMA believes that in the short to medium term, Sony will be the main competitor that could be affected by this behavior. The available evidence suggests that Microsoft and Sony are in close competition with each other in terms of console content, target audience and technology.”

Previous Microsoft acquisitions such as Bethesda are also mentioned in the report, but games like call of Duty they are much more impressive and important for market equilibrium.

And the possible exclusivity of such titles may be obvious. to the detriment of competition:

“As the multi-game subscription gaming services market grows, Microsoft may use its control over Activision Blizzard content to deprive competitors, including recent and future gamers, as well as more established players like Sony.”

At the same time, they continue get an important green light to buy, for example, Federal Trade Commission what now it’s inevitable.

Curious the same So far, Xbox has underestimated the acquisition.belittling the real value of Activision video games.