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You may have forgotten, but Biomutant was supposed to come to Switch too.

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It’s been a while since then biomutanta title that caused a bit of a buzz because players made a lot of noise about it, but ended up being so mediocre.

North Project THQwhich you will find on Amazonwas quite pregnant restless but, in the end, he managed to offer himself to the players.

The name also received the notorious Refresh next generation for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S not so long ago, against all odds.

And if you forgot biomutant it should have come out too Nintendo Switchhow we discovered already three years ago.

As reported VGKone version Nintendo Switch biomutant appeared on the web out of nowhere.

Although it has not been officially announced how coming to nintendo consolesportuguese seller game replay wore the Switch version biomutant.

With a lot of estimated release dates set for the 25th of Octoberafter the initial launch in May 2021, during a very busy period for the Nintendo console and the gaming market in general.

Although now this kind leaks often turn out to be trueshould always be taken with pliers pending an official announcement.

This wouldn’t be too strange an announcement considering that the Nintendo Switch is the platform of choice for restarting video games of the past or a second chance.

for example will come Nier Automata coming soon to Nintendo Switchin a new edition that will carry the work to a new fan base.

But biomutantit really was a failure what do we all think? There official answer removes any doubt in the end.

If you are waiting for a possible Switch version, we advise you to restore it before buying it our reviewopen advantages and disadvantages post-apocalyptic kung fu tale.